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  • ✅ BREAKTHROUGH MATERIAL - B-55 bowstrings are the industry leading strings trusted by professionals, athletes and hunters who need a great shot every time. B-55 recurve‌ ‌bow‌ ‌strings‌ are easy and safe to install on both recurve and traditional bows that normally can't take modern bowstrings. Get more out of your bow!
  • 🎯 SMOOTHER SHOT - Enjoy the smoother shot from strings built to last. The B-55 bow strings provide the same power as Dacron B-50 strings without stretching as much. That makes it easier to line up your shot and means your strings will last longer. Enjoy our high tech materials for improved abrasion resistance.
  • ✅ CUSTOMIZE - Choose 12, 14 or 16 strands based on your archery goals and needs. Less strands mean a smoother shot and easier aim, while more strands equal more power and longer distance. We recommend: Up to 40 lbs, use 12 strands / Up to 50 lbs use 14 strands / Up to 66 lbs use 16 strands.
  • 🎯 QUICK ENDLESS LOOP INSTALL - The end of each loop is braided for added durability and can quickly and easily insert your new strings right onto your bow. When choosing your string length, keep in mind that the AMO length is the length of your BOW. The actual recurve‌ ‌bow‌ string length is 4 inches shorter than the AMO length.
  • ✅ ESSENTIAL ARCHERY EQUIPMENT - A must-have accessory for recurve bow enthusiasts, this bow string is perfect for upgrading your gear. It enhances your archery equipment, offering extended longevity and performance, and becomes crucial to your shooting routine. Indeed, an indispensable addition to your archery kit.

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