Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment - Liquid Toilet Treatment (16 Treatments, 32 oz.) - 413-az

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  • Waste and RV tissue digester. RV Digest-It RV black tank treatment breaks down human waste and all brands of household and RV toilet paper, preventing pyramid plugs and making dumping easier.
  • The strongest complete RV tank treatment. Breaks down waste AND eliminates odor. Say goodbye to clogs in your tank, and porta potty smells in your RV--You'll be a happy camper! Maintains working sensor probes.
  • Stops black water tank sensor probes from misreading by liquefying waste before it clings to probes. Works in RV gray tanks by digesting grease, oil and food debris!
  • Make RV Digest-It a part of your camper essentials, no matter what your camping style is: hookups, dry camping, full time. This RV tank treatment is septic safe and works in high temperatures.
  • RV Digest-It is Unique. Formulated With Trust in the USA. Trusted by thousands of RVers every day, used by RV techs to treat black tanks, and carried in thousands of retailers from coast to coast.

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